Industrial Commercial Floor Cleaner

Oil Eater® Floor & All Purpose Cleaner

For all daily maintenance needs, add to mop buckets to achieve a perfectly cleaned facility.

Works great cleaning:

  • Concrete floors 
  • Commercial Tile floors 
  • Vinyl & laminate floors 

Can be used in:

  • Floor scrubbers 
  • Mop buckets 
  • Pressure washers 
  • Dip Tanks
  • Parts washers 
  • Steam extractors 
  • Foamers 

Oil Eater® Floor Cleaner is a highly concentrated, alkaline based powdered cleaner designed specifically to be versatile and powerful. Just add one or two pouches to your mop bucket and you are ready to clean. Our controlled portions save you money and ensure that the right amount of cleaner is used every time. Oil Eater® products were founded on the concept of environmental safety and responsibility. Our brand was built by replacing environmentally unsafe products such as solvent-based cleaners with safer, biodegradable formulas. We are proud to apply the SAFE logo to our complete line of environmentally responsible products.

  • Premeasured
  • Powder cleaner 
  • One pouch or scoop per mop bucket
  • Professional Strength
Part Numbers

AOF42G01801 – 1.5 oz. Pack (100 count)
AOF3801802 – 38 lb. Bulk Case

The product is biodegradable, the packaging of this product is not biodegradable and should be disposed of properly. Please recycle.



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