Overnight Stain Remover

Cleans Oil & Grease Stains on Driveways, Concrete & More!

Part Number: AOD3232301

Size: 32oz

Where to Use:

  • Driveways
  • Garages
  • Patios
  • Pavers

Surfaces to Clean:

  • Concrete
  • Sealed Asphalt
  • Brick
  • Stone

Always test first for color fastness on surfaces

Oil-Eater-Overnight-stain-remover (1)
Oil-Eater-Overnight-stain-remover (1)

Product Features:

  • POWERFUL OIL STAIN REMOVER – oil-eating microbes clean deep beneath the surface to remove oil stains on hard & porous surfaces like concrete, brick & stone. Works great on all types of oil, grease and petroleum-based automotive leaks. Always test before using. Not recommended for unsealed or permeable asphalt.
  • RESTORES DRIVEWAYS, GARAGE FLOORS & PAVERS – product cleans stains at a molecular level, leaving surfaces looking like-new, improving curb appeal at home and work. Works great on fresh stains and older stains – multiple applications may be necessary for severe & older stains. Older stains that have bonded with concrete or pavers may not be possible to restore fully, but product should help minimize appearance of oil stains as much as science allows.
  • 3 EFFORTLESS STEPS – pour, dry, sweep away! Simply pour on a small amount of product to cover the stain, wait overnight for the to dry to a powder, and sweep away without any scrubbing or rinsing. As the formula dries, the oil stain is pulled up from beneath the surface where it can be seperated from the concrete and swept away.
  • SAFE & SIMPLE – biodegradable formula uses no harsh acids, bleaches or hazardous materials.
  • VERSATILE – designed to work on various types of concrete, asphalt, stone & more to keep homes and offices looking their best. Also great on patios & decks to clean up grease spills from BBQ grills!

Directions: Shake well. Always test on an inconspicuous area before use. Remove any loose debris and surface oil from area to be treated. Apply to a cool, dry surface. Product works best when used in temperatures between 60 and 80 degrees. Avoid outdoor applications during rain or when ground will be wet. Ensure well ventilated area when removing dry powder. Not recommended for unsealed or permeable asphalt. 

  1. Pour directly onto stain. Completely cover the stain and up to 1” perimeter around the stain.
  2. Wait to Dry for about 12 hours, or until the formula has completely dried to a powder.
  3. Sweep off the dry powder. White residue may remain. Clean residue with firm, dry brushing, and then strong rinsing.

Note: If stain remains or reappears, repeat above steps. Severe stains may require multiple applications. Because concrete is so porous, the oil stain is deep beneath the surface, and it is not uncommon for fresh oil stains to raise to the surface days or weeks after the first application.

Does this product work on old oil stains?

This product is effective at removing fresh and older oil stains. For severe stains and older stains, multiple applications may be necessary. If oil stains have bonded to the surface over time, especially when exposed to direct UV sunlight, it may not be possible to reverse the discoloration completely. However, this product should provide noticeable improvement to lessen the discoloration on older stains.

How long does it take to dry?

When used in normal outdoor conditions where temperatures are above 65 degrees, the oil stain is typically absorbed and dried in 6-12 hours. Dry time is affected by temperature, humidity and ventilation. In colder conditions, it may take longer for the product to dry. Simply wait until the product has completely dried to a powder before removing. Ensure area is well ventilated when removing dry powder. 

When should I use this product?

Use product at nighttime for overnight drying, and avoid outside applications when it may rain or the area might get wet. If rain occurs during application, cover the treated area with a tarp or rain repellent barrier. For optimal microbial activity, the product should not be used when temperatures are below 45 degrees or above 90 degrees.

Does it leave any residue?

On some surfaces, a white residue may be noticeable after use. This is due to the nature of porous surfaces, where the product will go deep into the micro-pores of the surface to clean. This residue can typically be removed with firm, dry brushing and then rinsing with a strong stream of water or using a pressure washer.

What if the product freezes in the winter?

We recommend storing this product at room temperature. If the formula does freeze when stored, shake well before use.

What surfaces can this be used on?

This product has been tested to be effective on concrete, brick & stone. For seal coated asphalt, as with all surfaces, it’s important to first test on an inconspicuous area to test for any discoloration. Not recommended for unsealed or permeable asphalt. Some surfaces may have more noticeable white residue left behind after use, which is why it is important to always test in an inconspicous area first.  

Part Numbers
Part Number: AOD3232301 | Size: 32oz

The product is biodegradable, the packaging of this product is not biodegradable and should be disposed of properly. Please recycle.



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