oil drip pads & pans

Oil Eater® Absorbent Accessories

Accessories that increases absorption power and prolong your equipment

Works great absorbing:

  • Oil drips
  • Water drips
  • Chemical drips
  • And more!

Oil Eater® No-Splash Drip Pan

Oil Eater® Absorbent Drip Pans are designed to handle leaks that are too large for an absorbent pad. Our no-splash pillow pan fits in tight spaces under machines, pipes, or in cramped corners. The drip pan is made of sturdy plastic and houses an absorbent pillow made of plant fibers and other reusable resources. When soiled, simply remove and replace it with a new one.

Oil Eater® Absorbent Pillow Packs

Oil Eater® Absorbent Pillow Packs are used in the drip pans and spill kits.

Oil Eater® Absorbent Drum Top Pads

Oil Eater® Drum Top Pads are made of natural plant by-products and feature woven construction. They are designed to fit a 50-gallon drum top perfectly, and have pre-cut circles for both fill and breather holes. Oil Eater® Drum Top Pads are perfect for use in forklift aisles, and oil change pits.

Part Numbers
Drip Pan w / Universal Absorbent Pillow

AOA-DRIPPAN-01 – 10” x 12”

Universal Absorbent Pillow

AOA-PILLOW-1PK– 10” x 15”

Universal Drum Top Absorbent Pad

AOA-NDRUMPAD-22 – 22” Dia.



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