Overnight Rust Remover 

Safely removes layers of rust down to the bare metal

Part Number: AOR3233601

Size: 32oz

Benefits of Rust Soak:

  • 360 Degree Rust Removal
  • Effortless, no scrubbing
  • Water-based, biodegradable formula
  • Extra safe of parts, tools and antiques

What to Clean:

  • Automotive Parts
  • Industrial Tools
  • Cast Iron
  • Outdoor Tools
  • Antiques
  • Household & Kitchen Tools

Always test first for color fastness on surfaces

Product Features:

  • RUST SOAK TECHNOLOGY: Oil Eater’s proprietary Rust-Soak technology safely dissolves rust down to the surface. Great for hardware, parts, cookware, antiques, marine and automotive parts.
  • EFFORTLESS SOAK: simply put rusted metal parts and rusted tools inside a leak-proof container, and soak for 12 hours. Rinse with water and reveal a restored metal surface. No sanding or scrubbing!
  • SAFE TO USE: Water-based, biodegradable formula removes rust without harsh ingredients like traditional rust removers. Excellent for safely restoring without any harsh acids, fumes or odors.
  • SUPER CONCENTRATE: 32oz bottle can be diluted with 3 parts water to 1 part formula to make up to 1-Gallon of Rust Remover! An unbeatable value for safely removing rust on cast iron, cookware, automotive parts, and antique clocks. Re-use formula again and again until no longer effective.
  • RESTORE METALS: Helps rusted parts regain their function, improve appearance and prepares surfaces for painting and coating. Corrosion inhibitor helps prevent rust from reforming!

Directions: Test for discoloration – solution may darken metals. Clean off any grease & loose debris. Dilute solution with 3-parts water to 1-part solution. 32oz bottles makes up to 1-gallon. For heavy rust, solution can be used full strength. 

  1. Place rusted part in a sturdy, leak-proof plastic container large enough to fully submerge the part. Place the container in a work-safe space, such as a sink, away from kids and pets.
  2. Pour diluted solution into plastic container until metal is submerged in liquid. Allow part to soak 12 hours to 24 hours. If needed, use a brush to agitate heavy rust on the surface.
  3. Remove part and rinse thoroughly with water. Wipe off all residue with a rag. If rust remains, repeat application. Formula can be re-used until no longer effective.


Note: Always test before using. Overnight Rust Remover is designed to remove rust down to the bare metal. Painted and coated metals, especially those with metallic coatings, may react to the formulation. 


Part Numbers

Part Number: AOR3233601 | Size: 32oz

The product is biodegradable, the packaging of this product is not biodegradable and should be disposed of properly. Please recycle.



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