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How To Clean Entire Carpet Using an Extractor?

Here’s what you’ll need
to get the job done:
  • Bucket 
  • Water 
  • Clean towels 
  • Car vacuum 
  • Soft nylon brush 
  • Carpet cleaning machine (optional) 
  • Oil Eater® All Purpose Cleaner (if cleaning manually) or Oil Eater® Cleaner Degreaser (if using a carpet cleaning machine) 

First, vacuum the carpet. Second, mist the carpet with Oil Eater 3 parts water to 1 part Oil Eater. Allow to penetrate for 2, or 3 minutes. Fill your extractor with hot water and rinse the carpet*. Extract one way and then extract again going in a perpendicular way to the first.

*Kafko recommends that you do not put Oil Eater or any other chemical in your extractor for the following reasons:

  1. When you pass your extractor over the carpet, the machine extracts it almost immediately, never giving the chemical a chance to do its job.
  2. If you do not rinse with water, you will leave a residue of the chemical in the carpet. This residue will be reactivated every time you walk on it, causing it to resoil faster.
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