Clear Vision™ Concentrated Windshield Wash

Clear Vision™ Windshield Wash is a highly concentrated cleaner designed to be added to water to create windshield washer solvent systems. Clear Vision™ achieves its cleaning strength through the combined actions of surface tension reduction, coupling ability, and improved solvency.

Surface Tension Reduction

Clear Vision™ uses a combination of non-petroleum solvents and specially formulated surfactant to lower the surface tension of the washer solvent and to penetrate both water soluble and oil soluble soils. Once the surface tension of the water is lowered, more thorough contact of the soiled surface by the cleaner is achieved.

Coupling Ability

Clear Vision™ is a very strong coupler. With this capability and its inherent cleaning power, Clear Vision™ works to pull oil and water soluble dirt from the glass surface. The unique emulsification properties of Clear Vision™ causes the coupling of oil soluble dirt and water. This action keeps the soils suspended in the cleaning solution resulting in better visibility and cleaner glass.

Improved Solvency

Clear Vision™ improves the solvency of conventional washer systems through the use of Active Solvency. The chemical additives used in Clear Vision™ dissolve soils that cannot be dissolved by conventional washer solvents creating a solution that the wipers can push away.