Our proprietary microbes degrade and clean the contaminants from the parts washing cleaning fluid, keeping it fresh and letting you re-use the cleaning fluid. The result… No liquid waste to have hauled away. No need for service contracts and No oil collection services. SAVES MONEY!

Flex Line Parts Washing Machine

Washing Fluid

  • Heavy Duty Neutral
  • A ready to use parts washing cleaner & degreaser
  • Safe for use in microbe based and conventional parts washers

Washer Microbes

  • Bioremediates Hydrocarbons, Fats, Oils & Greases (FOG)
  • Controls odors associated with microbe based parts washers
  • Rejuvenates microbe colonies
  • Keeps cleaning fluids free of grease and oil

The system includes:

  • Our Premium or Professional Flexline Parts Washing Machine
  • 25 gallons of our Heavy Duty Neutral Parts Washing Fluid
  • 6 week supply of Parts Washing Microbes with ODOR CONTROL

Cleans the oil from your cleaning solution

Adding one pouch per week keeps cleaning fluid CLEANING!



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