To Clean Your Grease Filter or Hood You Will Need


To Clean Grease Filters with Oil Eater® Cleaner Degreaser

Prepare the tub for filter soaking by filling with hot water. Add Oil Eater® Cleaner Degreaser in a ratio of 8 parts water to 1 part cleaner. Carefully remove the filters from the exhaust hood. Wipe excess grease from the filters using a clean paper towel. Pre-treat all surfaces of the filter by spraying Oil Eater® Cleaner Degreaser directly onto the filters. If the filters are a baffle style, be sure to coat the filter both inside and out. Using the cleaning brush or sponge, gently agitate the cleaner on the filter surface. Place the filter into the soak tub being sure to fully immerse the filter in the solution. Repeat the process for all remaining filters. Leave the filters to soak and move on to cleaning the exhaust hood.


To Clean Exhaust Hoods with Oil Eater® Cleaner Degreaser

Remove the grease drip tray from the exhaust hood. Wipe the tray clean of excess grease. Using a dilution of 3 parts water to 1 part cleaner, spray Oil Eater® Cleaner Degreaser onto all exposed hood surfaces. Wipe the sprayed surfaces clean using paper toweling. Repeat until clean.

Once the exhaust hood is clean, remove each filter from the soak tub and rinse thoroughly with a strong stream of water. In extreme cases, reapply Oil Eater® to the surface to assist in removing stubborn grease. Rinse each filter until clean. Reinstall the filters being sure to follow the manufacturer’s installation directions.

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