Oil Eater® Questions & Answers

Things to Remember when Using Oil Eater® Cleaners & Degreasers

  • Always use on a cool surface
  • Always spot test in an inconspicuous area on any surface before use
  • The less porous the surface is (i.e. no wax floors vs. uncoated concrete) the more diluted Oil Eater should be
  • If the surface feels a little slippery after rinsing, add more water to your solution

How Do I Clean My Entire Carpet Using an Extractor?

First, vacuum the carpet. Second, mist the carpet with Oil Eater 3 parts water to 1 part Oil Eater. Allow to penetrate for 2, or 3 minutes. Fill your extractor with hot water and rinse the carpet*. Extract one way and then extract again going in a perpendicular way to the first. *Kafko recommends that you do not put Oil Eater or any other chemical in your extractor for the following reasons:
  1. When you pass your extractor over the carpet, the machine extracts it almost      immediately, never giving the chemical a chance to do its job.
  2. If you do not rinse with water, you will leave a residue of the chemical in the      carpet. This residue will be reactivated every time you walk on it, causing it to      resoil faster.