ReNew™ Intense Blue Concentrated Cleaner & Deodorizer

ReNew™ Intense Blue is a highly concentrated, formaldehyde-free cleaner and deodorizer designed specifically for closed sanitation systems such as portable toilets. Intense Blue achieves its cleaning strength through the combined actions of surface tension reduction, odor neutralization, and chemical deodorization.

Just dilute Intense Blue per directions and use in the toilet holding tank and on surfaces. Ideal for buses, RVs, boats, work sites, and at public events. ReNew™ Intese Blue will not harm plastic or rubber components.

The Intense Blue Advantage

  • Formaldehyde-Free 
    Use Intense Blue where formaldehyde systems are restricted. Safer for users and the environment
  • Unique Odor Control  
    Intense Blue uses targeted molecular complexing to surround and suppress mal-odors.
  • Non-Staining Blue    
    Intense Blue’s proprietary blue dye masks wastes without staining surfaces.
  • Superior Detergency    
    Intense Blue combines multiple surfactants to create a perfect balance of cleaning strength. Each surfactant has been selected to clean specific soil… from bodily fluids to scuffs and marks.
  • Multi-Purpose    
    Use Intense Blue to deodorize holding tanks and clean interior surfaces.
  • Safer to Use
    Intense Blue is completely biodegradable, will not harm bacterial activities in sewage treatment facilities.
  • Highly Concentrated    
    Just dilute Intense Blue 1:128 with water.