Rain Away® Windshield Treatment

Rain Away® will provide continuous performance for prolonged periods under the most severe service conditions. Service testing has shown that Rain Away® effectively repelled rain two months after application to passenger automobiles driven extensively on high-speed roadways.

Rain Away® is a non-build-up material, which can be infinitely re-applied. Rain Away® contains crystal clear polymers designed to self-level on glass surfaces. This feature improves hard-worn surfaces improving them with repeated uses. For optimum beading and run-off, reapply monthly.


Rain Away® is ready to use as supplied, requires no shaking and should not be diluted. Total application time (including cleaning, if necessary) takes fifteen minutes or less.

  • Surface Preparation
    Glass should be clean and dry before treatment. Windows may be cleaned with a standard glass cleaner or flushed     with water and thoroughly dried. Additional cleaning properties are imparted by the repellent itself, and it is not     necessary to remove previous applications before retreating surfaces.
  • Application Directions 
    Apply repellent to a small cloth (do not use paper towels). The cloth should be well saturated but not dripping wet.     Wipe wetted cloth over entire area to be treated using a firm circular motion. To insure complete and uniform     coverage, rewet cloth with Rain Away® and re-apply to entire area using overlapping up and down motion. Allow     solvent to evaporate for at least two (2) minutes until a hazy film is formed. Manually buff the surface with a soft     cloth or paper towel to remove the haze. Continue until the surface is clear and any smears have disappeared.

        Labor Saving Tip: Mist the hazy surface with water prior to buffing.

  • Application Temperature     Rain Away® can be freely applied throughout most of the year even in direct sunlight. Windows to be treated cannot     be wet and ideally have a surface temperature above 35˚ F (1˚ C).


Rain Away® properly applied to glass, is unaffected by soaps or detergents. To remove Rain Away® combine 1 part white vinegar with 2 parts water. Using a paper towel apply the solution to the surface with a strong agitating motion. Repeat as required.