Oil Eater® Flex Line Parts Washer Professional Level

Oil Eater Flex Line Parts Washers

Flex Line Parts Washer Professional Level Features:

  • 440 lb. capacity working tray, “The strongest on the market!”
  • 3-Year Limited Warranty, “The longest in the market!”
  • Flow-thru brush with adjustable fluid control
  • Adjustable “Goose Neck” spigot
  • Oil Eater® Skimmer Pads, “Soaks the oil from the tank.”
  • Stainless steel drain screen
  • 26 gallon soaking capacity
  • Thermally protected 350 GPH pump
  • BONUS 6 gallons Oil Eater® Original Formula Cleaner & Degreaser

Plus a Premium Control System:

  • Preset fluid heater
  • Low fluid level protection switch
  • Secondary 50 micron fluid filtration


  • High impact HDPE lid
  • “The Pump Protector” drain magnet
  • 20-piece cleaning brush kit
  • 10-W water resistant LED worklight