Oil Eater® Naturals™ Absorbent Pads & Rolls


Made from Renewable Resources

Oil Eater® NATURALS™ is a new line of eco-friendly absorbent pads, rolls and socks made using natural plant by-products. Designed to provide a safer workplace, these products help users to meet OSHA, EPA and DOT requirements in an environmentally conscious way.

Absorbs More & Cost Less

Oil Eater® NATURALS™ typically ABSORB MORE AND COST LESS than their polypropylene counterparts. Environmentally friendly, better performance and less expensive Oil Eater® NATURALS™ are the easy choice for your absorbent needs.

Oil Eater® NATURALS™ are better for the environment. NATURALS™ are made using renewable resources and the manufacturing proces s uses much less energy.

Available Products Include:

Oil Eater® NATURALS™ are availale in BONDED or LAMINATED Pads and Rolls with Oil Only and Universal Absorbency in heavy, medium and light weights.

Also available are Oil Eater® NATURALS™ Corn Cob Snakes, and NATURALS™ Corn Cob Pillow Packs.